Thank you for your interest in an assessment.

Using a FortiGate high-performance firewall, our experts will monitor key indicators within your network to provide a report on three areas:

Security and Threat Prevention – Find out whether application vulnerabilities are attacking your network, which malware/botnets were detected and even pinpoint “at risk” devices within your network.

User ProductivityUser Productivity – Verify that your traditional client-server and web-based applications are operating in accordance with your corporate use policies and discover how employees are using other applications within our network.

Network Utilization & PerformanceNetwork Utilization and Performance – Get data on your throughput, session and bandwidth requirements during peak hours to ensure your security solution is sized and optimized properly based on your actual usage.

So, what does the report look like? Take a look at this sample and fill out the form below to let us know you’re ready to see how your infrastructure measures up and the recommended actions for improvement.
It’s valuable intelligence about your network at no upfront cost to you.